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Yoga Photo Shoot with Hayley

Recently I had a chance to combine two of my passions - Yoga and Photography - in one fun photo shoot in my newly remodeled home studio. Hayley, a yoga instructor from eastern Oregon, needed some images to promote her business online. Collaborating with a photographer who knows not just the many aspects of portrait photography but also the finer points of yoga poses allowed us to create images that shine.

We created two different series - bright and color-filled and more moody and artistic. Multiple looks provide variety and were shot with website, print and social media in mind.

9 images of yoga poses for social media
A selection of images in an Instagram-friendly format.

This was the very first test shoot in my new studio and I'm excited to share this space with you to create images for yourself, your family or your business - images that reflect you at your best, doing what you love, shining your radiance into the world.

If you are looking to up your social media and PR game, let's talk about how you want to be photographed! Contact Christine

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