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Vintage Inspired Couples Shoot | Naomi + Eric and "The Dreamsicle"

Naomi + Eric ROCKED their vintage/pinup themed photo shoot. Oregon's beautiful autumn colors accent the hue of "The Dreamsicle," a lovingly restored 1947 Plymouth Coupe that inspired our photo shoot.



One of life’s great joys is knowing people over many years - watching their families grow and lives change with the seasons. It’s even better when you find out something really cool and interesting that you might not have known before. So it was with one of the most fun shoots of my time in portrait photography.

I've known Naomi since 2003 - from our time working together in the specialty cheese and food world. I had no idea about her many awesome facets. When I saw Naomi post a photo with the most beautiful classic car, I knew immediately it would make an incredible photo shoot. Luckily she and Eric were wonderfully enthusiastic participants in my Mastery Series*.

I love seeing what lights people up - what their unique hobbies are, what they appreciate and what interesting stuff brings them to life. It's that spark of joy we have when we do fun things with people we love. Capturing it is pure magic!


With a penchant for vintage glam, Naomi rocked her awesome style and incredible hair and makeup from the lovely Ary @ary_makeupartist who joined us onsite to create this classic pinup look. The curls were so fabulous and went flawlessly from the classic up-do to long flowing waves with ease.

man in leather jacket with small dog sitting in a 1947 Plymouth

A shared vision board on Pinterest helped us align on style and vision for the shoot. Naomi curated her awesome looks from her own closet and added a few fun new pieces.

Eric brought his leather and attitude and perfectly featured lightning bolt on the forearm - and even more endearing when little fur buddy Wookie got in on the portrait action.

My goal was to capture timeless and fun images that tell the story of their romance and connection with each other and the beautiful Dreamsicle, the gorgeous and beautifully restored 1947 Plymouth, that provides adventures and community within local classic car clubs and curiosity when they’re just out for a drive through the Willamette Valley.

For me, personally, I love capturing these tangible touch points to the times and details of our past. It fascinates me, these mementos of the world that would have been familiar - and super cool - to my grandparents, so lovingly cared for all this time.

It is one of the greatest gifts to be able to create images that my clients adore - that showcase their hobbies and interests and passions - creating images that will exist and celebrate their love of life for all time.

It was most fitting that Naomi and Eric's Valentine’s present to each other was an order for a custom album and a wall art canvas wrap trio from this beautiful day.

The fall colors and vibrant personalities shine through and will be treasures to them and meaningful pieces of their legacy.

If you have an idea for a Dream Session featuring you and your unique passion, schedule your complementary consultation.


*Mastery series shoots are next level style and part of my accreditation submissions with The Portrait Masters. I earned my first level accreditation in March, 2022...halfway to master. If you have an idea you'd like to explore, let's chat!

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