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Mother & Daughter Photo Shoot with Madhura and Rucha

From the Sacred Series: Celebrating the Beauty and Power in the Cultures and Faiths of the World

I have a strong desire to create images that celebrate the beauty and richness of the world’s cultures and religious traditions. It is so special to be entrusted to create a family portrait that honors the many paths to the Divine. Stay tuned for more of this series in the weeks and months to come.

Madhura and Rucha sit for their portrait - some Behind the Scenes gives you a glimpse into my studio.

In preparing a series of images to submit for accreditation to The Portrait Masters special category of Cultures of the World (check out the top 20 winners - Just incredible), I reached out to my lovely friend Madhura and her daughter to sit for a portrait session in their beautiful sarees.

Madhura and I have known each other for years through our practice at a local yoga studio and even did our yoga teacher training together in 2017-18.

I've wanted to expand my portfolio to more accurately reflect the culturally diverse community here in Beaverton, NW Portland and Hillsboro. We have so many wonderful people who move here to work in the high tech and sportswear industries at Intel and Nike. It truly feels like a community of the world. At my son's elementary school, I found it fascinating that 27 different languages are spoken at home!

Our shoot started with a series in black. I asked them to bring a few different looks because we have so many facets to celebrate. (This is why all my portrait sessions include several outfit changes, so you can do just that!)

Color and Detail

While I love the series above, when they returned to the studio adorned with jewelry and draped in their beautiful Sarees, I was thrilled with how beautiful the colors and details added pop to the images. Listening to stories of their travels to India to visit family and for celebrations where they wore these dresses was an added bonus.

There is something so delightful about the colors and textures of the fabric and the beautiful connection between mother and daughter that draws me in.

When I think of my why in what I do, it really is about capturing these moments of beautiful connection between people and creating images that live tangibly in the world as art starring my clients.

A Bit of Movement

Rucha loved the look of movement and I love the beautiful energy she brings to these images. Radiant in the light.

Many Paths, All One

Throughout my life I've grown ever more certain that we are spiritual beings here having a human experience AND that there are many beautiful ways to experience and honor the sacred. It is my honor to create cherished images for my clients.

If you have a rich and special cultural or spiritual tradition you'd like to capture during a photo session, I'd love to create something beautiful just for you. email me or sign up for your complementary consultation.

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