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Liam's Portrait Shoot

Watching Middle schoolers stream past me at car pick up or on the basketball court, I see so many familiar, yet different faces. Whispers of the grade schoolers they once were now evolving into the young people they are becoming.

I loved photographing Liam, our neighbor, who has been friends with my son since first grade. When I needed a model for a light test towards my accreditation work, Liam brought his cool style, great attitude and totally owned the space. He grabbed my faux fur 90’s era “Mick Jagger” coat and free styled a series of images that delight me and won Bronze awards at The Portrait Masters competition.

Of course, my boy Will, ever one to rock his unique style, created his own look, grabbing items from the studio wardrobe and jumping in for his own series. It was unplanned and completely creative and I'm so happy to have these images. A few months later and his braces have changed his look quite a bit.

It gives me such hope, these young people who have been through so much (along with the rest of our world), and who are able to retain their kindness, youthful exuberance and sense of fun.

Photographing young people in these tween and teen years, creating images that represent their unique style and personality, is my jam. We can create a custom shoot celebrating artistic pursuits, sports accomplishments, academic and personal achievements.

If you have a young person (or group) you’d like to celebrate with a photo shoot, reach out! I’d love to talk about what we can create together. 

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