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LA Photo Shoot

This past weekend, I packed my bags for a quick jaunt to LA to attend lighting workshop with my incredible mentor, Sue Bryce, held at her studio. Up before my alarm at 3:15 to catch my 5:30 a.m. flight, making my way to the event was energizing, even on limited sleep.

It has been years since I’ve been so excited to be in someone’s presence. Ever since I discovered Sue on Creative Live all those years ago, I could not help but admire her vision, knowledge and gracious sharing of what it takes to be a professional photographer and an empowered human being.

Experiencing her studio space, seeing her top-notch team in action and admiring her incredible portraits in real life was incredibly inspiring as I prepare to move into a slightly larger home studio space. The cherry on top was meeting so many genuine, warm and creative people from all over who attended the event...and, of course, hanging out with Cookie Bryce.

After seeing the Profoto lights in action with a shoot by Sue, we queued up for 3 minutes to pose and shoot three oh-so-patient and stylish models. By the end, we were down to 2 minutes, but I’m delighted I got to photograph all three women.

I’d rented and adored the awesome, easy to use, natural looking Profoto D1 for cheese photo shoots (see sidebar). Getting to use them and see them in action for portraits was a treat. They are on my list, for sure!

Not only do the images exceed my every expectation, getting to work with other attendees - learning helpful tips for using a fan, capturing video and stills of others in their creative process - made it truly a weekend to remember.

I love creating portraits like this, that have a modern sensibility and an ethereal, timeless feel.

If you’d like to experience a day of beauty and glamour, with professional hair and makeup, 4 outfit and changes and a fun, empowering photo shoot with expertly guided posing that results in the best images you’ve ever seen of yourself, Grab a girlfriend or two and book a Champagne & Style Session. Be sure to have plans for later because you will look and feel fabulous.

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