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Headshots & Yoga

I'm sensing a theme in my new studio - my second shoot in as many weeks that includes two of my loves: photography & yoga! Anyone who has known me for even a little while will pick up on my devotion to this ancient practice. I took my first class in college and have been practicing regularly since my mid-20s, getting even more dedicated in the last decade.

When I finally opted for yoga teacher training in 2017/18, I met a whole new group of friends, including the amazing Mo who joined me in my studio for a headshots and yoga portraits. In addition to being a badass yogi, Mo is a Physicians Assistant and works at a community clinic to help patients implement lifestyle and movement changes that bring greater health.

While her session was focused on head shots for the studio website, I also wanted to create some timeless portraits that celebrate her at this moment of her life. The shoot was great fun and the results are remarkable. As someone who opts for a natural, makeup-free look, it's clear Mo's lifestyle is working for her. She just glows!

Lighting, posing, connection - everything matters when taking a great portrait. If you are looking for an updated image that reflects who you are in this moment, I'd love to help create that timeless image for you. Contact Christine

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