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Capturing the Spirit of Community: Event Portraits at the CMBA Happy Hour

As a studio-based portrait photographer, I generally don't focus on event photography these days. but I couldn't resist a chance to revisit my passion for capturing the connection of community during the first quarterly Happy Hour for the Cedar Mill Business Association, hosted recently at the second Wildwood Tap House location in Cedar Mill .

The happy hour was the first quarterly social event, designed to foster a more casual, mingling vibe than the regular monthly business meetings. Members were encouraged to bring friends and family to sip and mingle at the newest neighborhood tap house, which graciously provided the perfect backdrop—a light-filled upstairs space that buzzed with energy.

One captivating element was an historic panoramic image from 60 years ago, proudly displayed on the wall. It sparked conversations about the community's past and its potential future - could all that open space really be Cornell Road??

Surrounded by great people and engaging conversations, I was reminded of my years spent photographing events and capturing fine cheese, wine and food events and how important it is to connect in real life and get to know people offline.

Through my lens, I aimed to create event portraits that would evoke a sense of connection and celebration as we prepare to create updated marketing collateral to raise awareness and encourage new visitors and members to our monthly business lunch meetings - the second Tuesday of the month at Noon at the Ackerly in Timberland. If you're local to 97229 and part of a small business, please join us! .

While event photography isn't my primary focus, this opportunity aligned perfectly with my desire to become more involved in the community, one of my 2023 goals. It allowed me to merge my board service with my passion for photography, resulting in a collection of images that beautifully represent the camaraderie and evolving history of the organization and community.

If you're seeking a photographer to capture the true essence of your community events, I invite you to consider my unique perspective. While my expertise and passion lies in portrait photography, my experience in documenting this community event reaffirmed my ability to seize the spirit of any occasion. Contact me today to discuss how we can collaborate and preserve the cherished memories of you, your family, business or community event for years to come.

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