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Briar Rose Creamery - Cheese goddess
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Imagine Your Cheese
at its most Beautiful,
Enticing + Inspiring Desire!

What Shall We Create Today?

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Cheese Portraiture Magazine

Featured in this issue:

Briar Rose Creamery

Capriole Goat Cheese

8 Tips for Rocking your
Cheese Photography Shoot

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About Christine

I've been selling and teaching about fine cheese since
1998 and photographing it professionally for over 15 years.

There are unique opportunities and challenges in the industry and I help cheesemakers stand out with elegant, brand building images.

Whether behind the cheese counter, leading cheese tastings, writing articles, producing videos or making gorgeous portraits, for me, it has always come back to sharing the story behind the cheese.


Promoting and supporting the people who make and sell fine cheese by sharing their stories is what I do.

Call me and let's share your story!


American Cheese Society, Past President (2011-12)

Guilde Internationale des Fromagers


About Cheese

Taking beautiful pictures of cheese is my super power and delight. Learn how create elegant, magazine-quality images starring your cheese!!

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